Privacy policy.

This policy aims to present our commitments regarding the protection of your personal information (hereinafter, “Information”). It describes how we collect, use, disclose, store and protect your Information and your rights with respect to it.

1. Our Responsability

We are responsible for protecting the Information we hold or which is in our custody, including that which we entrust to third parties in order to process your file and provide you with quality services. The third parties with whom we do business must agree in writing to comply with our rules for the protection of Information.

2. Reasons We Collect Your Information

We only collect the Information that is necessary in order to offer you financial products and services that meet your needs and to ensure the follow-up of your file throughout our business relationship. This may include, in particular, Information necessary to determine your eligibility for a contract, information required to fully understand your financial situation or to meet certain legal requirements.

3. Your Consent

We make sure to inform you and obtain your consent for specific purposes to collect, use or communicate your Information. We will also obtain your consent before using your Information for other purposes.

We will usually ask for your written consent, but you can also give it to us orally or electronically. It can sometimes also be implied.

You can withdraw your consent at any time, subject to applicable legal or contractual restrictions. We will then inform you of the consequences of such withdrawal of consent, including the possibility of no longer being able to offer you services or to process a request.

In certain situations provided by law, we may or must collect, use or disclose your Information without your consent. This happens especially when it is difficult or impossible to obtain for legal, medical or security reasons. The same is true when this information is necessary to investigate, detect, prevent fraud or to apply the law.

4. Limitation of Collection, Use and Communication

We only collect the Information we need for the reasons we have given you. Your Information is collected directly from you, unless you have consented to it being obtained from third parties, or as permitted by law.

We only use your Information for the purposes for which we collected it. Only people who need this Information to exercise their functions or to carry out their mandate will have access to it.

We do not share your Information with a third party without your consent, except as required or permitted by law.

5. Retention and Destruction of Your Information

We keep your Information for as long as necessary, in particular for follow-up purposes, updating your file or meeting the deadlines provided for by law. When destroying your Information, we will take the necessary measures to ensure its confidentiality and prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to it.

6. Accuracy of Your Information

We take reasonable steps to ensure that your Information is as accurate and complete as possible when we collect, use or disclose it.

7. Our Security Measures

We protect your Information against loss, theft and unauthorized access with security measures appropriate with its level of confidentiality so only those who need it to perform their duties or fulfill their mandate have access to it.

These measures may include, in particular, locks on filing cabinets and doors, restrictions and controls on access to our offices and computers, certificates or confidentiality agreements, technological measures such as archiving of data by means of an external system, the use of identifiers, passwords, firewalls and encryption processes.

8. Openness concerning Our Policy and Practices

We provide you with all information relating to our policy and practices in terms of the protection of personal information. We will also provide you with a copy of this policy upon request.

9. Your Access and Correction Rights

You have a right of access to your Information: upon written request, we will communicate the Information we hold about you and how we have collected, used and disclosed it.

We will provide this Information to you within a reasonable period of time following receipt of your written request. Reasonable fees may be charged for their transcription, reproduction and transmission. If so, we will notify you in advance.

In certain circumstances however, we may refuse to send you certain information for legal, security, intellectual property reasons or because this information refers to other people. In such a case, we will inform you of the grounds for refusal and of your recourse.

We may also temporarily deny you access and ask you to designate a health professional of your choice to receive communication of your Medical Information and communicate it to you, if there are reasons to believe that this would result in serious harm for your health.

At any time, you can check whether your Information is accurate and complete and, if necessary, request its correction. We will process your correction request within a reasonable time.

Any request for access or correction must be sent to the Privacy Officer at the following address :

M. Antoine Chaume
Waltr Solutions Collectives inc.
740, rue Saint-Maurice Bureau 600, Montréal (Québec) H3C 1L5
Email :

10. Complaints and Requests for Information

You can contact the aforementioned Privacy Officer for any complaint or request for information relating to our policy or practices.

11. Definitions

Personal Information : Any information about an individual that identifies him or her, such as financial, lifestyle, or health information but not including the individual’s name, title, business address, telephone number or email address. Personal information may be stored on different media : written, graphic, audio, visual, computerized or other.

Law : Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, L.R.Q. c. P-39.1.

12. Entry into Force and Modifications

This policy is in effect as of the 30th of November 2019. It may be amended from time to time, especially when there are significant changes in law or regulatory requirements.