The Waltr team.

Financial services firm

Our ambitious team of seasoned professionals is well-versed when it comes to finances and benefits. We are eager to offer you the very best services. In partnership with Lafond Services Financiers, Lafond Avantages Sociaux & Actuariat Inc as well as Intelligence Hypothécaire, your success is our mission!

Antoine Chaume, Pl. Fin. photo

Antoine Chaume, F. Pl.

Cofounder - President
Financial Planner & Financial Security Advisor with Lafond and Investment Advisor with iA Private Wealth

Daniel Harissa, B.A.A. photo

Daniel Harissa, B.B.A.

Vice-President Financial Management
Financial Security Advisor, Socially Responsable Investment Specialist and Group Savings Representative for Investia Financial Services Inc.

Genevieve Lavigueur photo

Geneviève Lavigueur

Operations Director
Financial Security Advisor, Group Insurance and Annuity Advisor, Private placement advisor at iA and Private Wealth Management group savings representative with Investia Financial Services Inc.

Jean-François Racette photo

Jean-François Racette

Mortgage Director, Mortgage Broker and Responsible Officer

Leila Aman photo

Leila Aman

Operations Coordinator

Placeholder photo

Denis Giroux

Financial Security Advisor

Rajeev Nair photo

Rajeev Nair

Business Development Consultant

What they say about us.

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"We are very satisfied with the quality of service from Waltr, the results are significant. A benefits package that many of our employees have benefitted from!"
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"A business model that offers our teams peace of mind when it comes to finance and mortgage, we love it! In addition to their online platform, we appreciate the availability of their experts."