Complaint handling and dispute resolution policy.

This policy is intended to outline our process for handling complaints and resolving disputes. It details how we ensure the fair and free treatment of complaints submitted to us about the products and services we offer.

1. Definition of Complaint

A complaint within the meaning of this policy means a statement from a customer that constitutes the expression of at least one of the following three elements:

  • Criticism against us or against of one of our representatives;
  • The identification of a potential or actual harm to the customer;
  • The claim for corrective measures;
Any informal process aimed at correcting a particular problem is not a complaint, as long as the problem is resolved in the normal course of our activities without the customer having lodged a complaint.

2. Our Complaints Officer

Our Complaints Officer is Mr. Antoine Chaume. He ensures that any complaint received is handled in accordance with this policy and acts as a respondent to the AMF.

3. Transmission of Your Complaint

Your complaint must be sent to us in writing, at the following address:

M. Antoine Chaume
Waltr Solutions Collectives Inc.
740, rue Saint-Maurice Bureau 600
Montréal (Québec) H3C 1L5

4. Receipt of Your Complaint

As soon as it is received, your complaint will be handled by our Complaints Officer who will enter it in the complaints register and acknowledge receipt within 10 days. The acknowledgment of receipt that will be sent to you, along with a copy of our Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy, will include the following :

  • The name and coordinates of the Complaints Officer;
  • A description of our complaint handling process, including our response time as well as a notice on your rights in the event of dissatisfaction with the examination process or our response.
In certain situations where additional information is required, we may also send you a request for additional information to which we will ask you to respond within 10 working days, failing which your complaint will be deemed abandoned.

We will also advise the insurer concerned if its cooperation is required to resolve your complaint or if it may have consequences for its activities or its relationship with you. We will then work with that insurer to resolve your complaint.

5. Handling of Your Complaint

Your complaint will be the subject of an in-depth analysis during which the Complaints Officer will collect the facts specific to your file.

Following this analysis, you will receive a written and reasoned response within a reasonable period of time, i.e. within 60 days of receiving all the information necessary to process your complaint.

6. Content of Your Complaint File

Your complaint will be the subject of a separate file which will include the following elements:

  • Your written complaint and all the documents you have sent us;
  • The result of the complaint handling process (analysis and related documents);
  • A copy of the written and reasoned decision sent to you by our Complaints Officer.

7. Transfer of a Complaint File

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint or the final decision made following its analysis, you can ask us to transfer your Complaint File to the AMF.

We will then send your Complaint File, including the aforementioned documents, subject to the applicable Personal Information Protection rules.

8. Our Complaints Register

We have established a Complaints Register for the purposes of this policy. This register is kept up to date by our Complaints Officer. Each complaint corresponding to the definition mentioned in Article 1 hereof must be recorded therein, according to the criteria of the complaint reporting system of the AMF.

9. Complaints Declaration

Our Complaints Officer sends the complaint reports required by the AMF twice a year, namely :

  • no later than July 30, for data collected between January 1 and June 30;
  • no later than January 30, for data collected between July 1 and December 31.
In addition, in accordance with guidance issued on May 25, 2017 by the AMF with regard to independent representatives and firms with a single representative, firms with a single representative do not have to produce a report in the system in the absence of complaints. However, upon receipt of a complaint, they retain the obligation to report it, according to established procedures.

10. Entry into Force and Modifications

This policy is in effect as of the 30th of November 2019. It may be amended from time to time, especially when there are significant changes in law or regulatory requirements.