What you can
offer your employees.

More than a salary

Since the total compensation of your employees is not limited to his/her salary, the Waltr advantage makes your organization a stand-out from the competition. These exclusive benefits are designed to positively impact the employees bottom line.

A better quality of life

A mortgage is the largest financial burden most employees will ever take-on. This is why Waltr gives you, the employer, the ability to help reduce their rates resulting in a better overall quality of life.

Clear benefits.

Waltr allows you to offer exclusive benefits, completely free of charge!

At no-cost

A service completely free of charge for your business.


A brand new avenue of opportunity for your organization.


A unique tool to attract, satisfy and retain your employees.

asked questions.

01Is Waltr entirely free for my company?
Absolutely. Waltr lets you take advantage of the best mortgage conditions on the market tailored to your needs, free of charge.
02How does the Waltr advantage benefits my employees?
Waltr offers the best mortgage conditions to your employees on the market, tailored to their needs.
03As an employer, do I owe anything to Waltr?
You do not owe Waltr anything and the mortgage lending process is handled solely by us and the employee.
04What is the time-frame to integrate Waltr's services?
It takes us less than a week to be up and running within your organization.
05How can my employees learn more about Waltr?
Your employees can get all the information from our website or by calling one of our mortgage experts.
06How do we add Waltr to our existing employee benefits?
Simply get in touch with our deployment team. The set up only takes a few days.
07How can Waltr offer the best mortgage conditions?
Waltr reduces its own compensation, significantly, in order to facilitate the best mortgage conditions possible for each and every employee.
08Can Waltr give a presentation within our organization?
Absolutely. It’s always a pleasure to present our services.
09How does Waltr generate its revenue?
Our compensation comes from financial institutions, which is shared with the mortgage broker.
10Who are our clients?
Waltr is already counting over 35,000 employees across a hundred companies.

What they
say about us.

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"We are very satisfied with the quality of service from Waltr, the results are significant. A social advantage that many of our employees have benefited from!"
"A business model that offers our teams peace of mind when it comes to finance and mortgage, we love it! In addition to an online platform, we appreciate the availability of their experts."

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