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Waltr offers you the best possible mortgage rates and conditions.

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Our turnkey solutions give you access to exclusive rates with an enriched client-experience.



Reserve your best rate possible now and enjoy a completely free consultation with one of our friendly experts.


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Benefit from a tailored mortgage process and personalized follow-up.


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Take advantage of our enhanced social benefits within your organization.


Proactive credit management

A smart tool that implements a proprietary algorithm to immediately calculate any potential savings if one were to renegotiate their mortgage prior to expiration of their term.

Take the Waltr advantage and see how much you can save by accessing My Waltr.

Scenario 1

New Mortgage.

Your offer to purchase has just been accepted on a nice property of $450,000.

You decide to put a down payment of 10% and opt for a fixed rate of 5 years with amortization over 25 years.

Total savings
with Waltr
$6,726For a 5-year

*Certain conditions apply.

Scenario 2

Mortgage renewal.

Your mortgage is due shortly. You have $350,000 left over 20 years of amortization.

In order to evaluate your options, you get an offer from your current lender as well as an offer from your Waltr broker, both for a fixed 5-year term.

Total savings
with Waltr
$5,477For a 5-year

*Certain conditions apply.

Scenario 3


Your current mortgage balance is $250,000 with 10 years of remaining amortization.

In order to achieve a personal project, you refinance your mortgage to $350,000 and extend your amortization to 20 years to be able to honor your monthly payments. You also opt for a new fixed 5-year term.

Total savings
avec Waltr
$3,286For a 5-year

*Certain conditions apply.

An offer tailored to your needs.

Discover our tailor-made solutions to meet all of your mortgage needs.


  • Obtain a mortgage pre-authorization
  • Provide proof of funding for my offer
  • Take out a new mortgage for the property I am buying


  • Renew my mortgage
  • Compare my current lender's offer to Waltr's
  • Find out if it is advantageous to switch lenders

my mortgage

  • Get a home equity line of credit
  • Reduce my mortgage payments
  • Consolidate my debts

Need a real estate broker?

Did you know that by retaining the services of a real estate broker affiliated with Waltr you get a credit of $1,000 on your notary fees? Speak to your Waltr broker or contact us for more details.

1 000$CREDIT
On your notary fees

asked questions.

01Waltr is entirely free? Really?
Absolutely. Waltr lets you take advantage of the best mortgage conditions on the market tailored to your needs, free of charge.
02Can Waltr offer the best conditions?
Waltr along with our mortgage broker, affiliated to Consortium Hypothécaire, will reimburse a significant part of the proceeds earned so that you get the best conditions based on your needs.
03 I don’t want my employer to know about my personal finances. How are they involved?
Aside from proof of Employment, be rest-assured your financial details remain completely private and confidential and your Employer is not involved whatsoever in the lending-process.
04How can I learn more about Waltr?
Easy! Simply browse through our website or reach out directly to one of our mortgage experts.
05How can I get individual counseling?
We want to streamline the mortgage lending process making it as simple as possible so don't hesitate to reach out to our exceptional mortgage experts.
06How can I introduce Waltr to my employer?
You can direct your employer to our website where all information is available. Alternatively, employers can also reach out to our team for immediate clarification on any matter.

More questions?

Our team of friendly experts are happy to assist you with your mortgage ensuring all your needs are met.